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PXIe-8522 Pinout

    Last Modified: September 16, 2019

    Table 1. PXIe-8522 Pinout Signal Descriptions
    Pin Number Signal Type Signal Direction Signal Description Signal Required
    1 TRX_P Bi-directional Transceiver plus Required
    2 TRX_M Bi-directional Transceiver minus Required
    3 Shield Shield Optional
    Table 2. PXIe-8522 LED Indicators
    LED Label LED State LED Color Condition
    LINK/ACT Off

    No link established

    Default power-up state

    Solid Amber Link established, 1 Gbits/s
    Blinking Amber Activity, 1 Gbits/s
    STATUS Off Default power-up state
    Solid Green Direct Mode, master (PHY state)
    Amber Direct Mode, slave (PHY state)
    Fade in and out [1] Green Tap Mode, master (PHY state)
    Amber Tap Mode, slave (PHY state)
    Blinking Green Port ID
    Amber Not synchronized
    Red Catastrophic error [2]
    • 1 When in Tap Mode, ports that are paired fade in phase with each other, but out of phase with other ports.
    • 2 In the case of a catastrophic error, recover by invoking Reset on the module in MAX. Contact NI for further support if the error continues to occur.

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