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PXIe-4481 Pinout

    Last Modified: September 18, 2017

    Table 1. Signal Descriptions
    Signal Reference Description

    AI <0..5>+, AI <0..5>-

    Analog Input Channel AI+ and AI- are the positive and negative inputs of the differential analog channel.


    Ground—Ground terminal.


    Not Connected—These pins have no functionality.


    Reserved for accessories or other use.

    PFI 0


    Programmable Function Interface—A digital trigger input.

    Table 2. LED State/Device Status
    LED LED Color Status
    ACCESS Green The module is ready to be accessed by software.
    Amber The module is being accessed. The ACCESS LED flashes amber for 75 ms when the module is accessed.
    Off The module is not yet functional, or has detected a problem with a power rail.
    ACTIVE Red An error has been detected by hardware. Clear the error by resetting the module.
    Blinking Amber/Green The module is changing reference clock timebase.
    Green An acquisition has been triggered, and the module is currently acquiring data.
    Amber The module is waiting for a trigger event to start an acquisition.
    Off The moodule is not acquiring or preparing to acquire data.

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