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Last Modified: December 6, 2019

Reads and writes properties for an XNET PDU I/O name.

Use the XNET PDU property node to change the configuration of the protocol data unit (PDU).

Name Description
Cluster Cluster that contains the PDU (XNET Cluster I/O Name).
Comment Comment describing the PDU (string).
ConfigStatus Configuration status of the PDU.
Frames Array of all frames to which the PDU is mapped (array of XNET Frame I/O Name).
NameShort Short name (string) identifying the PDU.
PayldLen Number of bytes of data in the PDU's payload.
Signals Returns an array referencing all signals in the PDU, including static and dynamic signals and the multiplexer signal.
Mux.DataMuxSig Returns the data multiplexer signal I/O name.
Mux.IsMuxed? Indicates (True/False) whether this PDU is data multiplexed.
Mux.StatSigs Returns an array of static signals contained in the multiplexed PDU (array of XNET Signal I/O Name).
Mux.Subframes Returns an array of subframes contained in the multiplexed PDU (array of XNET Subframe I/O Name).

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