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XNET Cluster Class

Last Modified: February 10, 2020

Reads and writes properties for an XNET Cluster I/O name.

Use the XNET Cluster property node to change the properties for an XNET cluster I/O name..

Name Description
ApplProtocol Specifies the application protocol that the session uses. The database used with the XNET Create Session node determines the application protocol.
BaudRate64 Sets the baud rate that all cluster nodes use.
Comment Comment (string) describing the cluster. The string can contain up to 65535 characters.
ConfigStatus Configuration status of the cluster.
Database Database (XNET Database I/O Name) that contains this cluster.
ECUs Array of ECUs (array of XNET ECU I/O names) contained in the cluster.
Frms Array of frames (array of XNET Frame I/O names) transmitted by an ECU in the cluster.
NameShort Short name of the cluster. A cluster name must be unique for all clusters in a database.
PDUs Array of PDUs (array of XNET PDU I/O names) contained in the cluster.
PDUsReqd? Determines whether this cluster requires using PDUs in the database API. This property is always False for CAN and LIN clusters.
Protocol Protocol used by the cluster.
Signals Array of signals contained in all frames in the cluster.
CAN.FdBaudRate64 Fast baud rate used by all ECUs in this cluster for CAN FD with Baud Rate Switch.
CAN.IoMode CAN I/O mode used by the cluster. This property is a ring (enumerated list) of three values.
CAN.FdIsoMode Specifies whether the CAN FD cluster is working in ISO, non-ISO, or ISO Legacy mode.
FlexRay.ActPtOff Number of macroticks (MT) that the action point is offset from the beginning of a static slot or symbol window. The range for this property is 1–63 MT.
LIN.Schedules Array of LIN schedules defined in this cluster.
LIN.Tick Relative time between LIN ticks (f64, relative time in seconds).

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