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Last Modified: February 7, 2020

Determines the length of the serial break used at the start of a frame header (schedule entry). The value is specified in bit-times.

This property is applicable only when the interface is the master.

The valid range is 10–36 (inclusive). The default value is 13, which is the value the LIN standard specifies. At baud rates below 9600, the upper limit may be lower than 36 to avoid violating hold times for the bus. For example, at 2400 baud, the valid range is 10–14.

Data type: datatype_icon

Long Name: Interface:LIN:Break Length

Class: XNET Session

Permissions: Read/Write

Where This Property Is Available:

Desktop OS: Windows

FPGA: Not supported

Web Server: Not supported in VIs that run in a web application

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