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Last Modified: February 7, 2020

Specifies whether the FlexRay interface (node) automatically places the FlexRay transceiver and controller into sleep when the interface is stopped.

The default value of this property is False, and you must handle the wakeup/sleep processing manually using the XNET Session Interface:FlexRay:Sleep property.

When this property is called with the value True while the interface is asleep, the interface is put to sleep immediately. When this property is called with the value False, the interface is set to a local awake state immediately.

Data type: datatype_icon

Long Name: Interface:FlexRay:Auto Asleep When Stopped?

Class: XNET Session

Permissions: Read/Write

If the interface is asleep when XNET Start is called, the FlexRay interface waits for a wakeup pattern on the bus before transitioning out of the POC:READY state. To initiate a bus wakeup, you can set the XNET Session Interface:FlexRay:Sleep property with a value of Remote Wake.

After XNET Stop is called, if this property is True, the FlexRay interface automatically goes back to sleep to be ready to handle the wakeup on subsequent XNET Start calls. When this property is False when XNET Stop is called, the FlexRay interface remains in the sleep state it was in prior to the XNET Stop call.

You can overwrite the default value by writing this property prior to starting the FlexRay interface.

Where This Property Is Available:

Desktop OS: Windows

FPGA: Not supported

Web Server: Not supported in VIs that run in a web application

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