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Last Modified: February 7, 2020

If Announce Transmit Enabled? is True, this property provides the current interval used for successive transmissions of the announce message by this port.

Data type: datatype_icon

Long Name: Interface:Ethernet:Time Sync:Port:Log Announce Interval Configured

Class: XNET Session

Permissions: Read

According to the standards, a message transmission interval is a signed integer in the range -128 to 127, represented as the logarithm to the base 2 of the time interval measured in seconds. For example, value 0 is 1 second, and value -3 is 125 milliseconds. In LabVIEW, the interval is provided as a ring (enumerated list) for usability.

Enumeration Value Description
125 milliseconds -3 Message transmission interval of 125 milliseconds.
250 milliseconds -2 Message transmission interval of 250 milliseconds.
500 milliseconds -1 Message transmission interval of 500 milliseconds. This value is supported on all NI products.
1 second 0 Message transmission interval of 1 second. This value is supported on all NI products.
2 seconds 1 Message transmission interval of 2 second. This value is supported on all NI products.

The LabVIEW ring is limited to values that are practical in implementation, but not all values are supported for all NI products. All NI products support the values listed as such in the table.

For the Protocol of IEEE Std 802.1AS-2011, this property corresponds to the initialLogAnnounceInterval attribute as described in 14.6.11 of IEEE Std 802.1AS-2011. The initialLogAnnounceInterval parameter is used for the initial transmit interval of Announce, but afterward the interval can only be changed by receiving a special Signaling message from the neighboring clock (see of IEEE Std 802.1AS-2011). The Signaling message is optional, and if not used in the network, this property configures the interval exclusively.

Where This Property Is Available:

Desktop OS: Windows

FPGA: Not supported

Web Server: Not supported in VIs that run in a web application

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