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Last Modified: February 7, 2020

When this clock is the grandmaster (that is, the Grandmaster Clock ID equals the Clock ID), a write of this property applies a positive or negative adjustment to the time distributed to the network. This can be used to align network time with another timescale.

Data type: datatype_icon

Long Name: Interface:Ethernet:Time Sync:Adjust Network Time

Class: XNET Session

Permissions: Write

When this clock is a slave (not the grandmaster), a write of this property has no effect (error returned); the adjustment will be overridden when time is received from the grandmaster.

This property corresponds to the lastGmPhaseChange parameter of the ClockSourceTime.invoke function, specified in the IEEE Std 802.1AS-2011.

Where This Property Is Available:

Desktop OS: Windows

FPGA: Not supported

Web Server: Not supported in VIs that run in a web application

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