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XNET LIN Schedule Class

Last Modified: February 7, 2020

Reads and writes properties for an XNET LIN Schedule I/O name.

Use the XNET LIN Schedule property node to set or modify properties for an XNET LIN Schedule I/O name.

Name Description
Cluster Returns the I/O name to the parent cluster in which the schedule has been created. You cannot change the parent cluster after creating the schedule object.
Comment Comment describing the schedule object. A comment is a string containing up to 65535 characters.
ConfigStatus Provides configuration status for the LIN schedule object.
Entries Array of entries for this LIN schedule.
NameShort Short name (string) identifying the XNET LIN schedule object.
Priority Priority of this run-once LIN schedule when multiple run-once schedules are pending for execution.
RunMode Specifies how the master runs this schedule: Continuous (0), Once (1), or Null (2).

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