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    Last Modified: December 6, 2019

    Configuration status of the signal.

    This property is used only if you change the Database property Show Invalid From Open? from false (default) to true.

    Data type: datatype_icon

    Long Name: Configuration Status

    Class: XNET Signal

    Permissions: Read

    Configuration Status returns an NI-XNET error code. You can pass the value to the Simple Error Handler VI error code input to convert the value to a text description (on message output) of the configuration problem.

    By default, incorrectly configured signals in the database are not returned from the XNET Frame Signals property because they cannot be used in the bus communication. You can change this behavior by setting the XNET Database ShowInvalidFromOpen? property to True. When a signal configuration status becomes invalid after the database is opened, the signal still is returned from the XNET Frame Signals property even if ShowInvalidFromOpen? is False.

    The following are examples of invalid signal configuration:

    • The signal is specified using bits outside the frame payload.
    • The signal overlaps another signal in the frame. For example, two multiplexed signals with the same multiplexer value are using the same bit in the frame payload.
    • The frame containing the signal is invalid (for example, a CAN frame is defined with more than 8 payload bytes).

    Where This Property Is Available:

    Desktop OS: Windows

    FPGA: Not supported

    Web Server: Not supported in VIs that run in a web application

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