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Defining User Roles and Privileges

Last Modified: July 27, 2017

Navigate settings in NI Web Server Configuration to customize user groups and access to applications. You can modify settings at any time.

  1. Launch NI Web Server Configuration. If this is your first time launching NI Web Server Configuration, a guided setup window will appear. Click Custom to access the configuration options described in this procedure.
  2. On the Authentication tab, specify how you want users to connect to the server. For more information on these settings, refer to Choosing an Authentication Setting.
  3. On the Roles tab, specify which permissions group different users belong to.
    1. Expand admins to define which users are admins. Under Mapping Type, select the option that corresponds to the authentication method you selected on the Authentication tab.
      Authentication Setting Mapping Type
      Log in as users controlled by the web server User

      The admin user is defined by default.

      Log in using Windows accounts User or Windows Group
      Connect to an LDAP server LDAP Attribute or LDAP Group

      Contact your IT administrator to determine whether your LDAP setup uses groups or attributes for the users you want to define.

    2. Under Value, define the user name, group name, or attribute for the users you are mapping to the role.
  4. If you need more permission groups, you can create custom roles and map users to them.
  5. On the Applications tab, control which roles can perform different actions. You can also grant individual users access to an action.
  6. Click Apply and Restart.

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