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Why Don't NI-USRP Examples Appear in the NI Example Finder in LabVIEW?

Last Modified: May 14, 2020

NI-USRP does not install examples into the NI Example Finder. You can access NI-USRP examples from the following locations:

Content Type Description LabVIEW LabVIEW NXG or LabVIEW Communications System Design Suite
Examples NI-USRP includes several example applications that serve as interactive tools, programming models, and building blocks in your own applications. NI-USRP includes examples for getting started and other software-defined radio (SDR) functionality.

You can access additional examples from the Code Sharing Community at

  • From the Start menu at Start» All Programs» National Instruments» NI-USRP» Examples .
  • From the LabVIEW Functions palette at Instrument I/O» Instrument Drivers» NI-USRP» Examples .
  • From the Learning tab, select Examples» Hardware Input and Output» NI-USRP .
  • From the Learning tab, select Examples» Hardware Input and Output» NI USRP RIO .
Lessons NI-USRP includes lessons that guide you through the process of identifying and demodulating an FM signal with your device. N/A From the Learning tab, select Lessons» Getting Started» Demodulating FM Signals with the NI... and choose a task to accomplish.
Sample Projects USRP RIO includes several sample projects that serve as starting points to build a USRP RIO streaming application. From the Create Project dialog, select Sample Projects in the left pane and navigate to the NI-USRP Simple Streaming project. From the Projects tab, select USRP RIO and choose the applicable sample project for your device and setup.

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