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Using an External Time Reference in NI-Sync

Last Modified: September 15, 2017

Using NI-Sync and a time-based synchronization module, you can discipline clocks and triggers to an external time reference such as GPS, IRIG-B, or IEEE 1588-2008. Before you can synchronize your devices, you must choose an external time reference for your device to synchronize with. Once you have selected a time reference for your device you can perform the following actions:

  • Discipline the backplane clock to GPS, 1588, IRIG, or PPS.
  • Slave other modules and devices to the external time reference.
  • Return the current time or use the current time to fire future time events and triggers.
  • Create clocks or future time events tied to a specific time.
  • Return the status of the time reference, including offset, clock resolution, and master/slave status.
  • Create and read timestamps from almost any terminal in your network of chassis.
  • You only can set the external time reference to IRIG-B if you have an external device capable of generating an IRIG signal physically connected to the PXI chassis.
  • You must have a time-based timing and synchronization module such as the PXI-6683 in the system timing slot, or a PXI-6683H in a hybrid slot connected to the 10 MHz Ref In of the chassis SMB to BNC cable, in order to discipline the backplane clock to an external time reference using NI-Sync drivers alone.

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