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Routing Clock Signals Using niSync Connect Clock Terminals

Last Modified: September 15, 2017

Connects clock terminals using NI-Sync.

Use this functionality to synchronize multiple chassis using a single 10 MHz backplane clock, distribute a generated clock to different devices and modules, replace the 10 MHz backplane clock with a more precise TCXO or OCXO from a timing and synchronization module, or synchronize devices and modules to an external clock connected to the ClkIn front panel connector.
  1. Place Initialize on the diagram.
  2. Place Connect Clock Terminals on the block diagram.
  3. Wire a control or constant to source terminal and destination terminal and select the source and destination terminals for the new clock route.
  4. Place Disconnect Clock Terminals on the diagram and wire the clock source to source terminal and the clock destination to destination terminal.
  5. Place Close on the diagram to close the NI-Sync I/O session.
This code routes a clock and then immediately unroutes it. If you use this code in an application, ensure that any code requiring this clock route occurs between Connect Clock Terminals and Disconnect Clock Terminals.

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