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Routing and Synchronizing Triggers with niSync Connect Trigger Terminals

Last Modified: September 15, 2017

How to connect trigger terminals and synchronize triggers using NI-Sync.

You can use Connect Trigger Terminals to link hardware trigger lines together. You can also use Connect Software Trigger to connect the global software trigger to a destination trigger terminal.
  1. Place Initialize on the diagram.
  2. Place Connect Trigger Terminals or Connect Software Trigger on the block diagram.
  3. Wire a constant or control to source terminal and destination terminal and select the source of the trigger and the destination to connect it to.
  4. (Optional) Set additional parameters for the new trigger route:
    1. Select a value for synchronization clock. Use this value to send the trigger signal from the source terminal to the destination terminal asynchronously or on an update edge of the specified clock.
    2. Select a value for update edge. Use this value to determine whether to align the trigger signal with the rising or falling edge of the synchronization clock.
    3. Select a value for invert. Use this value to determine whether to invert the source terminal signal when it reaches the destination terminal. You can use this terminal for differential analysis or to eliminate noise in your signal.
    4. If you are using Connect Software Trigger, select a value for delay. Use this value to delay firing the global software trigger by the selected value when you invoke Send Software Trigger.
  5. (Optional) If you are using Connect Software Triggers, place Send Software Trigger in the place on the diagram where you would like to fire the software trigger.
  6. Place Disconnect Trigger Terminals or Disconnect Software Trigger on the block diagram and wire the appropriate terminals.
  7. Place Close on the diagram to close the NI-Sync I/O session.

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