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CompactRIO Embedded System

    Last Modified: September 7, 2017

    A CompactRIO embedded system consists of the following components:

    1 Real-time processor CompactRIO controllers feature a real-time processor that deterministically executes LabVIEW applications.
    2 CompactRIO Chassis CompactRIO chassis feature a user-configurable FPGA that controls the digital and analog I/O lines on the reconfigurable embedded chassis. The FPGA chip is embedded within the chassis and is connected to the C Series I/O modules in a star topology, providing direct access to each module for precise control and flexibility in timing, triggering, and synchronization. You can configure the CompactRIO system and change the functionality of the FPGA on the chassis in LabVIEW using the LabVIEW FPGA Module and NI CompactRIO Device Drivers to create and download a custom VI to the FPGA.
    3 User-configurable FPGA
    4 I/O C Series I/O modules provide integrated signal conditioning and connection terminals for different measurement types.

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