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C Series Module Data Rate FAQ

    Last Modified: September 7, 2017

    How do I change the data rate from the host VI? You can change the data rate at run time by writing to the control from the host VI.
    What happens to the data rate if you change the master timebase source? The data rate in the C Series Module Properties dialog box automatically updates to reflect the actual data rate of the module when you change the master timebase source. However, the Data Rate property controls or constants on the block diagram do not automatically update when you change the master timebase source. Therefore, you might need to delete and recreate controls or constants for any Data Rate property on the block diagram after changing the master timebase source.
    Does the Data Rate property return an error? The Data Rate property returns error 65538 if the module is acquiring data. You must use Stop channel to stop acquiring data before you can write properties to the modules.

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