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Scan Interface Mode

    Last Modified: October 11, 2017

    Scan Interface mode enables you to use C Series modules directly from LabVIEW Real-Time. Modules that you use in Scan Interface mode appear under the Real-Time Scan Resources item in the Project Explorer window and I/O channels appear as I/O variables under the modules. To use I/O variables, you drag and drop them from the Project Explorer window to LabVIEW Real-Time VIs.

    In Scan Interface mode, you do not need to do any LabVIEW FPGA development. LabVIEW programs the FPGA for you with a fixed FPGA bitfile that communicates with all the C Series modules that Scan Interface mode supports. LabVIEW also sends C Series data to the Real-Time host to be displayed in I/O variables. Scan Interface mode also enables you to dynamically detect which types of C Series modules are plugged into chassis slots.

    Table 1. Hardware Supported in Scan Interface Mode
    C Series Modules CompactRIO Controllers Single-Board RIO Devices
    NI 9201 cRIO-9012 sbRIO-9601
    NI 9203 cRIO-9014 sbRIO-9602
    NI 9205 cRIO-9022 sbRIO-9602XT
    NI 9207 cRIO-9023 sbRIO-9611
    NI 9208 cRIO-9024 sbRIO-9612
    NI 9211 cRIO-9025 sbRIO-9612XT
    NI 9213 cRIO-9066 sbRIO-9632
    NI 9214 cRIO-9067 sbRIO-9632XT
    NI 9215 cRIO-9068 sbRIO-9642
    NI 9217 cRIO-9073 sbRIO-9642XT
    NI 9219 cRIO-9074
    NI 9221 cRIO-9075
    NI 9225 cRIO-9076
    NI 9227 cRIO-9081
    NI 9229 cRIO-9082
    NI 9233 cRIO-9103
    NI 9234 cRIO-9104
    NI 9235 cRIO-9111
    NI 9236 cRIO-9112
    NI 9237 cRIO-9113
    NI 9239 cRIO-9114
    NI 9263 cRIO-9116
    NI 9264 cRIO-9118
    NI 9265
    NI 9269
    NI 9350
    NI 9351
    NI 9375
    NI 9401
    NI 9402
    NI 9403
    NI 9411
    NI 9421
    NI 9422
    NI 9423
    NI 9425
    NI 9426
    NI 9435
    NI 9472
    NI 9474
    NI 9475
    NI 9476
    NI 9477
    NI 9478
    NI 9481
    NI 9485
    NI 9512
    NI 9514
    NI 9516

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