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C Series Modules

    Last Modified: October 9, 2017

    To use C Series modules in a LabVIEW project, you need to configure the project with your controller, chassis, and FPGA. The following figure shows a project configured with a controller, chassis, FPGA target, and C Series modules in the Scan Interface and FPGA Interface.

    1. Target
    2. Chassis Item
    3. Real-Time Scan Resources Item
    4. C Series Modules (Scan Interface)
    5. FPGA Target
    6. C Series Module (FPGA Interface)

    Refer to the Using the Scan Interface with FPGA Interface LabVIEW project in the labview\examples\CompactRIO\NI Scan Engine\Getting Started\Using Scan Interface with FPGA Interface\Using Scan Interface with FPGA Interface.lvproj for an example of a LabVIEW project using C Series I/O.

    The following table shows the icons for the different targets and chassis items.

    Object Icon Device
    Targets CompactRIO controller
    Ethernet RIO chassis
    Single-Board RIO device
    Chassis Items CompactRIO chassis
    Ethernet RIO chassis
    MXIe-RIO chassis
    R Series Expansion chassis
    RIO Mezzanine card
    Single-Board RIO device

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