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Simulating an NI-RFSG Device

    Last Modified: December 19, 2018

    Simulate an NI-RFSG device to develop, modify, and/or test an application without hardware. Using a simulated device to test an application eliminates the risk of hardware damage. Additionally, you can use simulated NI-RFSG hardware to evaluate an NI product for which you do not have hardware.

    Complete the following steps to create and configure a simulated NI-RFSG device using the NI-RFSG instrument driver:

    1. Call Initialize With Options.
    2. Set the option string input. The option string input is composed of the Simulate and Driver Setup keywords, as illustrated in the following example:

      Simulate=1,DriverSetup=Model:model number; BoardType:type


      You must enable simulation (Simulate=1) to simulate any device.

      The following table shows the valid values for model number and type .

      Option Valid Values
      model number 5611, 5650, 5650e, 5651, 5651e, 5652, 5652e, 5653, 5654, 5673E
      type PXI, PXIe

      For PXI/PXIe-5650/5651/5652 modules only, you can use the BoardType:PXI and BoardType:PXIe values to indicate whether a module is PXI or PXI Express, respectively.

    Simulation Examples

    • When simulating a PXIe-5673E, you can use any of the following option string inputs:


      Simulate=1,DriverSetup=Model:5611; AWG:5450; LO:5652e

      Simulate=1,DriverSetup=Model:5611; AWG:5450; LO:5652; loBoardType:PXIe

      (With an external LO) Simulate=1,DriverSetup=Model:5611; AWG:5450; LO:<external>

    • When simulating an PXIe-5650, you can use either of the following option string inputs:


      Simulate=1,DriverSetup=Model:5650; BoardType:PXIe

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