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Loading an FPGA Bitfile

    Last Modified: December 19, 2017

    To use NI-RFSG instrument driver FPGA extensions, you must specify the precompiled bitfile you want to use when you initialize the instrument driver session. If you want to access additional FPGA functionality provided by the precompiled bitfile, you must also obtain an FPGA reference to use with the LabVIEW FPGA host interface.


    You can only load one bitfile on a VST module at a time. If you use both NI-RFSG and another instrument driver to simultaneously access the same instrument, both sessions must initialize with the same bitfile.

    Complete the following steps to open an instrument driver session that uses a precompiled bitfile:

    1. Call Initialize With Options.
    2. Wire the Driver Setup string to the options string input.
    3. Include the Bitfile tag in the Driver Setup string, and set the value of the Bitfile tag to the name of the bitfile you want to load, as shown in the following example string: DriverSetup=Bitfile:filename.lvbitx

      where filename.lvbitx is the file name of the bitfile you want to load.

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