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Simulating an NI-RFSA Device Using NI-RFSA

    Last Modified: March 28, 2019

    Complete the following steps to create and configure a simulated NI-RFSA device using NI-RFSA.

    1. Call Initialize With Options.
    2. Set the option string input. The option string input is composed of the Simulate and DriverSetup keywords, as shown in the following table.
      Use Example Driver Setup String
      Simulate an LO source Simulate=1,DriverSetup=LO:5652

      To specify a simulated device, use a string similar to: Simulate=1,DriverSetup=LOBoardType:PXIe.

      Simulate a digitizer Simulate=1,DriverSetup=Digitizer:5622

      To simulate a device using the PXIe-5622 25 MHz digitizer, set the Digitizer field to 5622_25MHz_DDC and the Simulate field to 1 . You can set the Digitizer field to 5622_25MHz_DDC only when using the PXIe-5665.

      Simulate multiple devices Simulate=1,DriverSetup=Model:5601;LO:5652;Digitizer:5622;LOBoardType:PXIe.

      When specifying or simulating multiple devices, separate them with a semicolon, as shown in the preceding string.

      Simulate a vector signal analyzer Simulate=1,DriverSetup=Model:5668 or Simulate=1, DriverSetup=Model:5606; Digitizer:5624; LO:5653

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