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Package Components

Last Modified: February 5, 2020

A package is comprised of a root directory containing subdirectories, payload files, and configuration files that define the result of the package's installation on the target system.

Component Details
control subdirectory

Contains the control file.

The control file contains metadata describing properties and relationships of the package, such as its name, version, type, and dependencies.

  • Package Manager generates the package according to the metadata in the control file.
  • The control file is a text file without an extension.
  • You declare whether a package is a File package or WinInst package in the control file by assigning the appropriate value to the XB-Plugin attribute.
data subdirectory

Contains the payload you intend to distribute with your package. Depending on whether you build a File package or WinInst package, some of the data subdirectory contents will differ.

File packages contain the following items:
  • Root directories—the structure you create for these directories determines where Package Manager installs payload items.
  • (Optional) Instructions file—provides instructions for running any included executables and creates shortcuts to files on the target system.
WinInst packages contain the following items:
  • One or more .msi files—each MSI is automatically found and executed in ascending ASCII order according to its file name unless you provide an instructions file to customize the execution.
  • (Optional) Instructions file—customizes the execution of the MSIs and specifies conditions for running executables.
debian-binary file Declares conformity to the Debian standard.

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