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Troubleshooting Problems with Installing, Removing, or Upgrading NI Software

Last Modified: November 30, 2017

The following table explains potential causes for problems you may encounter while installing, removing, or upgrading NI software using Package Manager.

Problem Potential Causes Solutions
Package Manager found some problems with your request. A product installed on your system depends on the item you are trying to remove. Close the window to cancel the removal, or click Proceed Anyway to remove the product along with all of its dependencies.
The item you are trying to install or upgrade conflicts with a product installed on your system. Close the window to cancel the installation/upgrade, or click Proceed Anyway to remove the conflicting product and install/upgrade the requested items.
The Available tab is not visible. Package Manager is not configured to show available products. Click Settings»Content and select the Show available products checkbox.
You are unable to install or upgrade software. You may not be connected to the Internet. You can view installed software and remove software while offline, but you must have an Internet connection to install and upgrade software. Check your Internet connection.
You are having trouble detecting or using your hardware within your newly installed product. You may have declined to disable Windows Fast Startup during the installation process. See this KnowledgeBase article for more information.
You are missing support or functionality that you expected to be installed with your product. You may have declined to install additional software that Package Manager recommended during installation of your product. To install the items you declined, open the Installed tab and click Change.

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