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Info 16506: TestStand Sequence Dependency Path Was Not Updated

Last Modified: November 16, 2020

Could not update one or more dependency paths in a sequence file during staging. The dependency was excluded during discovery.

Why does this info occur?

Package Builder updates the paths specified in sequence files to ensure that dependent files can be found when they are executed on a target computer. While updating the paths, Package Builder detected that a dependency was excluded from the distribution. Package Builder uses the DiscoveryExclusion.txt file in the National Instruments\NI Package Builder directory to exclude certain files, such as windows system files and NI Driver Components.

How do I resolve this info?

Inspect the specified files and verify that they will be present on the target computer. Files that Package Builder filters by default should not be deployed directly. These types of files include Operating system files which are always present on windows machines, and NI Driver components, which should be installed by the NI Driver package. For NI driver components, ensure that your package specifies the corresponding NI drivers as a package dependency.

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