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Warning 16503: TestStand Property Node Step Deployed Without a LabVIEW Project

Last Modified: November 16, 2020

A TestStand Step in the distribution uses a LabVIEW property node call configured to be called in the context of a project, but the project is not included in the distribution.

Why does this warning occur?

TestStand steps which call LabVIEW modules, including standard VI calls and property node calls, can specify a LabVIEW project. If specified, TestStand uses the application instance of the LabVIEW project when calling the code module. This message indicates that the referenced project is not included in the distribution, which will cause the sequence to fail to execute on the target computer.

How do I resolve this warning?

Inspect the step in the message details, and add the referenced project to a package in the distribution.

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