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Info 16068: Discovery Excluded Files

Last Modified: November 16, 2020

Discovery excluded {0} file(s).

Why does this info occur?

The specified files were not included by the discovery operation because they are excluded by the settings defined in the '[LocalAppData]\National Instruments\NI Package Builder\DiscoveryExclusion.txt' file created by Package Builder. The 'DiscoveryExclusion.txt' file lists directories, and files with matching company and product names to include or exclude from discovery. Examples of excluded files are Microsoft operating system and National Instruments product binaries, which in most cases should be deployed separately using separate installers provided by those companies.

How do I resolve this info?

Determine whether you need to include an excluded file in a package. For example, you do not need to include DLLs from the operating system or those installed by third-party installers. However, you should include any DLLs you create that files in the package depend on. If a file should be included, either add the individual files to the Input pane, or modify the settings in the 'DiscoveryExclusion.txt' file to allow the file to be discovered.

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