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Error -19001: File Not Found

Last Modified: November 16, 2020

The following files were not located:

Why does this error occur?

The files specified in the error message were not located or cannot be read. This message can occur in the following cases:
  • For LabVIEW dependencies that cannot be located in their callers, for example, because the fully qualified name does not match the expected name or because the libraries to which they belong do not mark them as members
  • One or more code modules specified in the sequence are configured using a path relative to the workspace file.

How do I resolve this error?

Use the following suggestions to resolve the issue.
  • Navigate to the directories listed in the message and verify the file exists. If required, copy the missing files to the directories specified.
  • If the file exists, change the file permissions so Package Builder can access the file.
  • If the file is a dependency of a top-level VI, the message contains the list of VIs that call the file. Open one of the specified callers to remove the missing dependency or update the path to the dependency. Note: The Run arrow for the VIs might not appear broken because the missing dependency is located in a diagram disable structure. You must remove the call to the missing VI from the diagram disable structure or remove the disabled case.
  • After you have fixed the specified VIs, mass compile the source or run the TestStand Sequence Analyzer to verify that the deployment does not have any other broken VIs.
  • If the steps are configured using a path relative to the workspace file:
    1. In the sequence editor, open the search directories dialog box.
    2. Explicitly add the directory where the workspace file is located to the search directories.

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