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User Interface

Last Modified: November 6, 2020

Use the Package Builder user interface to structure package files and configure packages for installation.

Refer to the image below for information on each pane's functionality.

Solution—Stores the configuration of input files, packages, installers, and repositories.
Inputs pane—Add source input files or directories to packages.
Inputs pane (Dependency View)—View the dependency relationship between files that support discovering dependencies, such as TestStand sequence files.
Inputs pane (File System View)—View the location on the local file system of your inputs and dependent files.
Editor pane—Add directories and files to target locations for deploying files in a package. Add files to the package by dragging them from the Inputs pane to the Editor pane.
Packages pane—Displays the packages to build, and defines package dependencies, relationships, and constraints.
Installers and Repositories pane—Create and build package installers and local repositories, as well as configure packages to include dependencies.
Properties pane—Set properties for selected items in the Inputs, Editor, Packages, and Installers and Repositories panes.
Output pane—Verify the status of the current solution and check build messages.
Errors and Warnings pane—Displays build errors and warnings for the most recent build of packages, package installers, and local repositories.

Re-dock panes with a pin in the top, right corner in a new location by dragging the header of the pane to a new location. Package Builder saves your current layout when you close the program, and restores it when you restart the program. To reset the layout, select Edit»Reset Window Layout.

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