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Editor Pane

Last Modified: November 16, 2020

You can use the Editor pane to create the target file structure for deployed packages.

You can click and drag files and the files’ dependencies from the Inputs pane to one of the default file locations or create a new file location. The dependencies are displayed in the context information as you drag the file to the Editor pane.


You can only add an input file to one package. The file will not be added to the target package if it is already included in another package in the solution.

After dragging or copying the files to the Editor pane, you can further edit the target file locations for the files or change the target file locations for any included dependencies. Each tab of Editor pane is a different package. Closing the tab does not delete the package.


Files installed to [Temp] target root directory are deleted after the package is installed.

The following table lists icons you can click to perform specific actions in the User Interface Editor pane.

Icon Action
Insert Directory—Add a new folder or directory to the available file locations.
Create Shortcut—Add a shortcut file (.lnk) for the selected file and include in the same directory as the selected file.
Remove Selection from Package (Delete)—Remove a file or file location from the package. This does not affect the source file on disk.
Select in All Panes—Display the properties and file location information for the selected file.
Remove All Disconnected Items—Remove any files for which the connection to the Input pane’s file is disconnected.
Expand All—Expand all collapsed folders.
Collapse All—Collapse all expanded folders.

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