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Common Tasks

Last Modified: November 6, 2020

Refer to the following tasks for step-by-step guidance for creating or editing a new or existing package-based distribution.

Building Packages

Before you begin creating a package-based distribution, consider the following:
  • Based on your goal, determine the best method to distribute your packages.
    Goal Method
    Deploying through NI Package Manager. Package repository
    Distributing multiple packages that have dependencies with one another.
    Consolidating package file updates in one location.
    Deploying to a machine that does not have Package Manager. Package installer
    Deploying to a machine that is not connected to a network.
  • Set up your packages to plan for potential updates.

    For example, you could place all commonly updated files in a single package, you could create packages based on package size, or you could create packages based on the logical function of the content.

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