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Executing Install and Uninstall Commands

Last Modified: March 3, 2020

Using the Manage Custom Executes dialog box, you can create custom executes to expand the functionality of your package-based distribution. You can execute custom commands after a package is installed and before a package is uninstalled.

Follow these steps to add a custom execute:

  1. Select a package from the Packages pane.
  2. Navigate to Custom executes in the Properties pane and click the […] button to open the Manage Custom Executes dialog.
  3. Select Post Install or Pre Uninstall from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click the New button to create a new custom execute.
  5. Configure the path of the command, arguments, and additional settings for the custom execute.
  • Post Install and Post Uninstall commands do not execute if the package installation or removal fails.
  • A package does not uninstall if a Pre Uninstall command fails to execute.
  • Refer to Instructions XML for File Packages for more information on Post All commands.

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