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Running Non-Package EXE Distributions

Last Modified: March 3, 2020

Use this procedure with a Post Install custom execute to run a .exe distribution after your package installs.
  1. In the Root property, select [System (32-bit)].
  2. Set the Executable Path to the name of the command prompt executable.
  3. In the Arguments property, provide the arguments to pass in a string to command prompt and then run one of the following commands:
    /c <file.exe>

    The /c flag carries out the command specified and then terminates.

    Replace <file.exe> by the full path to your .exe file.

    For example, when installing ExeInstalledByPackage.exe to the Temp target root directory, the path argument would be %Temp%\ExeInstalledByPackage.exe .

    Pass the /noMutex flag if you are running an NI installer executable.

  4. Click OK.
  5. Build all packages by selecting Build» Build All Packages .
  6. When your package installer is run after the installation is executed, the executable will run.

Use Add Folder without Discover to add an executable to your package as an input item if the folder containing the executable also includes Microsoft .DLLs.

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