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Adding a VLM Server

Last Modified: May 15, 2019

Use this procedure to create a custom execute that configures target computers when you install the package to use a Volume License server for licensing. Use this procedure if you use VLM to license National Instruments products.
  1. In the Root property, select [Program Files (32-bit)].
  2. Set the Executable Path to NILicensingCmd.exe.
    National Instruments\Shared\License Manager\NILicensingCmd.exe
  3. In the Arguments property, provide the arguments for adding one or more Volume License Servers:
    /addservers servername[:portnumber][,servername[:portnumber],...]

    Where servername and portnumber are replaced by the name of your volume license server and the port to access it (if unspecified it will use the default, 27000).

  4. Click OK.

You can create a custom execute to unregister these servers when the package in uninstalled. Repeat the procedure but select the Post All Uninstall and in step 3, use / removeservers to remove the servers.

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