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Running Non-Package MSI Distributions

Last Modified: May 15, 2019

Use this procedure to use custom executes to run a MSI distribution after your package installs.
  1. In the Root property, select [System (32-bit)].
  2. Set the Executable Path to the name of the msiexec executable.
  3. In the Arguments property, provide the arguments needed:
    /i <file.msi>

    The /i flag runs the MSI installer normally.

    Where <file.msi> are replaced by the full path to your MSI file.

    Use the /x flag to uninstall your MSI file.

  4. Click OK.
  5. Build all packages by selecting Build»Build All Packages.
  6. When your package installer is run after the installation is executed, the .msi installer run however you have specified.

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