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Requesting Group Membership from a Volume License Server

Last Modified: August 8, 2018

Use NI License Manager to request group membership from volume license servers running NI Volume License Manager 3.0 and later.

Group membership allows you to access all software products available to that group.

  1. In the Views section, click Network Licenses.
  2. Select the server for which you want to request group membership. If there is more than one server, select the tab with the server to change.
  3. Click the Manage Client link.
  4. Complete the form that appears.

    Fields marked with an asterisk are required.

    The amount of the form you have to complete depends on the situation. The table below displays these situations.

    Situation Action
    Different software user and computer owner Complete both sides of the form
    Same software user and computer owner Complete one side of the form and click Copy all to computer or Copy all to user to copy the information to the other half of the form
  5. Select the groups you want to join.
  6. Click Send Request.

    You may want to record the Administrator Information in case you need to contact the volume license administrator in the future.

After the volume license server accepts your request, you can check out licenses for any NI software included in that group.

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