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Setting up and Removing Volume License Server Access

Last Modified: June 9, 2021

Use NI License Manager to check out licenses from a volume license server.

Your company must have a Volume License Agreement with NI to access a volume license server to check out NI products. Follow the same steps to remove server access.

A volume license server is a computer used to manage volume licenses for NI products on a given network. For information on your company's volume license server, contact your volume license administrator. For more information about the NI Volume License Program, visit the NI Volume License Program for Software web page.


If you are running NI Volume License Manager on the same computer as NI License Manager, you must set your volume license server to localhost or to check out a license from the licenses being served by your local NI VLM.

Use NI License Manager to enable the use of a volume license server:

To remove a volume license server from NI License Manager, follow steps 1 and 2 below and remove the server from the list.

  1. Select »Manage Volume License Servers.
  2. Enter the names of the volume license servers, separated by commas, on which your NI products should check for licenses.

    You can configure your products to look at a specific port on a volume license server by entering the volume license server name followed by a colon and the port number. When no port is specified, 27000 is implied. Ports range from 1-64000, inclusive. For example, if you enter server1, server2:28001, server3 and launch a product that requires a license, your product first checks port 27000 of server1 for a valid license, then moves to port 28001 of server2, port 27000 of server3, and finally your local system. If your product does not find a license on any of the volume license servers or your local system, your product will not start.

    Below are examples of valid sever entries.

    Server Entry Syntax Example
    Server name server server1
    Server's network name
    Server's IP address IP Address
    Server name with specified port server[:port] server2:27000
    Server's network name with specified port[:port]
    "Triple redundant" server server, server, server server1, server2, server3
  3. Click OK.

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