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NI ELVIS III 2.2 New Features

Last Modified: December 12, 2019

Refer to the list below to learn what's new in NI ELVIS III 2.2.

Streaming Data from Multisim Live

You can now stream data from Multisim Live to Measurements Live to compare your theoretical circuit design with real-world measurements.

Simulating the Instruments

Simulating the instruments helps you learn to use the instruments before connecting to a real NI ELVIS III device. Go directly to and click DEVICE SIMULATION to simulate the following two pairs of instruments:

  • Oscilloscope & Function and Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • Variable Power Supply & Digital Multimeter

Improvements to Soft Front Panels

Measurements Live adds the following improvements to the Data Logger and Digital I/O Soft Front Panels:

  • You can now plug a USB in the NI ELVIS III and configure the log settings of the Data Logger to log a large amount of data to the USB.
  • The Digital I/O provides two new modes for you to control how to write values to the lines.
    • Pattern (Auto) mode
    • Pattern (Manual) mode

New Python Examples

You can now program the NI ELVIS III with Python by using the following additional examples:

  • Analog Input N Samples
  • Analog Output N Samples
  • Analog Input Continuous
  • Analog Output Continuous

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