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TDMS File Format (Data Logger)

Last Modified: November 26, 2019

You can export the data acquired by the Data Logger to TDMS files.

The TDMS file format is supported by the TDM data model. The TDM data model arranges the data in three hierarchical levels: file, channel groups, and channels. The following figure illustrates the TDM data model:

The TDMS files that you export from the SFPs contain some custom properties, for example, product-name. For all TDMS files that you generate using the NI ELVIS III instruments, the value of product-name is always NI ELVIS III. These TDMS files also have designated names for the channel group and channels.

The TDMS files you export from the Data Logger have the following data structure:

channel_group: Data Logger

  • channel_group: Data Logger
    • channel: Bank A: AI0
    • channel: Bank A: AI0 - AI4
    • channel: Bank B: AI0
    • channel: Bank B: AI0 - AI4
    • ...

The TDMS files list enabled channels only. The order of the channels in the TDMS files matches the top-to-bottom order of the channels on the configuration panel on the right side of the SFP.

The channel name in the TDMS files matches the name you specified for each channel.

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