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Generating a Waveform (Data Generator)

Last Modified: November 26, 2019

This example illustrates how to generate a static triangle waveform by using the Data Generator (Data Gen).

  1. Install the NI ELVIS III prototyping board onto the NI ELVIS III workstation.
  2. Connect a jumper wire between Bank A, Channel AO0 (A/AO0) and the circuit under test, and between Bank A, AGND and GND of the circuit under test. Refer to Connecting Signals to Analog Output for more details about connecting to the analog output.
  3. Press the application board power button on the workstation to power on the application board.

    To ensure safety, you must connect the wires before powering on the application board.

  4. Launch the Data Gen Soft Front Panel (SFP).
  5. Select Static as the channel mode and Triangle as the waveform type for A/AO0.
  6. Select the desired waveform settings.
  7. Click Run to start signal generation. While the instrument is running, you can modify the waveform in real time by adjusting the settings.

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