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Generating a Waveform

Last Modified: November 26, 2019

This example illustrates how to generate a swept sine wave by using the Function and Arbitrary Waveform Generator (FGen/Arb).

The procedure for generating other types of waveforms is similar. Refer to the Configuration Options (FGen/Arb) section to learn about other generation modes.

  1. Connect a BNC cable between Function Generator CH 1 and the circuit under test, as shown in the following diagram:

    Refer to Connecting Signals to the Function and Waveform Arbitrary Generator for more details about connecting to the FGen/Arb.
  2. Launch the FGen/Arb Soft Front Panel (SFP).
  3. Select Sweep as the channel mode and Sine as the waveform type for Channel 1.
  4. Select the desired waveform settings.
  5. Click Run to start signal generation. While the instrument is running, you can modify the waveform in real time by adjusting the settings.

You may hear clicking sounds from the NI ELVIS III while operating the SFP. This is expected behavior and is due to the switching of internal relays.

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