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Function and Arbitrary Waveform Generator Specifications

Last Modified: November 26, 2019

Specifications are Typical unless otherwise noted.

Number of channels


Maximum update rate (per channel)

100 MS/s


14 bits

Slew rate

188 V/µs

Small signal bandwidth (-3 dB)

15 MHz with no load

Figure 1. Function Generator Maximum Amplitude vs Frequency
Table 1. Output Range
Gain Setting AC Amplitude Range DC Offset Range Resolution Amplitude Error DC Offset Error Total Output Range
High gain ±10 V ±10 V 1.25 mV/LSB ±0.5% ±50 mV ±10 V
Low gain ±2.5 V ±10 V 0.3 mV/LSB ±0.5% ±20 mV ±10 V

Output impedance

50 Ω

DC current drive

30 mA maximum

Overvoltage protection (per channel)

±10 V, short-circuit to ground

Power-on state

High Impedance

  • 1 This waveform is the result of the slew rate in an ideal state only. Other factors such as bandwidth also affect the generation of voltage at high frequencies. The actual waveform generated by the Function Generator may differ to what is shown.

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