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Channel Connections and Supported Features for Simulated Instruments

Last Modified: November 26, 2019

Each pair of instruments is pre-connected and configured for you to simulate.

Learn the channel connections and supported features for each pair of instruments in the following table.
Instrument pair Channel connection Supported feature
Oscilloscope & Function Generator and Arbitrary Waveform Generator (FGen)
  • The Oscilloscope channel (CH) 1 is connected to the FGen CH1.
  • The Oscilloscope CH 2 is connected to the FGen CH 2.
  • Acquire and display the waveforms with most functions available.
  • Perform FFT or math operations on the waveform.
  • Compare waveforms using the reference channels.
  • Generate standard waveforms.
Variable Power Supply (VPS) & Digital Multimeter (DMM)
  • The VPS "+" terminal is connected to the DMM VΩ terminal.
  • The VPS ground terminal is connected to the DMM COM terminal.
  • Provide positive DC voltages.
  • Measure positive DC voltages.

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