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Using the Soft Front Panels

Last Modified: November 26, 2019

This topic provides an example of using the Function and Arbitrary Waveform Generator (FGen/Arb) and the Oscilloscope to generate and display a waveform.

  1. Connect a BNC - BNC cable between the Oscilloscope CH 1 and the Function Generator CH 1 BNC connectors on the NI ELVIS III as shown in the following diagram:
  2. Select Function and Arbitrary Waveform Generator from the Instruments tab in Measurements Live.
  3. On the FGen/Arb SFP, configure Channel 1 as follows:
    Setting Value
    Channel 1 Static
    Waveform Sine
    Frequency 100 Hz
    Amplitude 2 Vpp
    DC Offset 0 V
  4. Click Run to start the FGen/Arb.
  5. In Measurements Live, select the Oscilloscope SFP from the Instruments tab.
  6. On the Oscilloscope SFP, configure the Oscilloscope as follows.
    Setting Value
    Time/div 5 ms
    Channel 1 On
    Volts/div 1 V
    Probe attenuation 1x
    Coupling DC
    Vertical offset 0 V
  7. Click Run to start the Oscilloscope. You should see a 100 Hz sine wave on the Oscilloscope display. Adjust the settings of the FGen/Arb and observe the changes of the waveform on the Oscilloscope display.

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