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Last Modified: November 26, 2019

Structures are graphical representations of the loops and case statements of text-based programming languages.

The block diagram of the Main VI contains a Flat Sequence structure, which contains one or more subdiagrams, or frames, that execute sequentially. You can use the Flat Sequence structure for more advanced applications that require sequential execution of subdiagrams. The Flat Sequence structure in the Main VI executes the following frames from left to right:

  • Initialize—Initializes the error in cluster. You can add more code to initialize the NI ELVIS III, variables, and user interface elements, such as controls and indicators, depending on your application needs.
  • Acquire and process data— Acquires the boolean value from the button on the NI ELVIS III and displays the value by using the Button indicator. The Main Loop repeats code until you click Stop or an error occurs.
  • Close— Resets the FPGA target and all the I/O channels on the NI ELVIS III before the application exits. You can also use this frame to close user interface elements and variables.

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