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Connecting Oscilloscope Signals

Last Modified: August 8, 2019

You can connect to the NI ELVIS III oscilloscope using BNC connectors. The following figure shows the signal chain of the oscilloscope measurement:
  1. Outside World to Probe
  2. Probe to Input Connector
  3. Input Connector to ADC
  4. ADC to Software
The NI ELVIS III Oscilloscope SFP has four channels and provides scaling and position adjustment along with a modifiable timebase. You can also choose trigger source and mode settings. The autoscale feature allows you to adjust the voltage display scale, based on the peak-to-peak voltage of the AC signal, for the best display of the signal. For a trigger source, you can choose between digital or analog hardware triggering.
Figure 1. NI ELVIS III Oscilloscope Chain

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