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Teaching with NI ELVIS III

Last Modified: August 8, 2019

NI ELVIS III is used in hands-on laboratories for analog electronics, mechatronics, power electronics, measurements, instrumentation, digital communications, digital electronics, controls, and more.

The NI ELVIS III has numerous interchangeable application boards and parts kits available, which have lab manuals that you can find at These labs allow students to explore theory in the physical laboratory with a safe, in-depth experience. They allow students to apply the theory they learn in class through simulation, experimentation, and open-ended activities. By relating concepts and activities to real-world applications, the labs also encourage complex analysis and increased engagement.

The labs are available in both a Word Document version and an online interactive version. When developing curriculum, instructors can use the labs as they are or modify them to suit their needs. Instructors can request access to restricted content, which includes answer keys and complete LabVIEW code that cannot be viewed by students.

Instructors can also customize the webpage containing his or her courseware by embedding the Measurements Live toolbar on that webpage. For more information, refer to Embedding Measurements Live in Your Courseware.

To learn more about the different application boards, refer to Using the Application Boards or NI ELVIS Application Directory.

To learn more about NI's teaching resources, visit

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