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Guide for Lab Administrators

Last Modified: November 26, 2019

Lab administrators set up and maintain the software and hardware in labs. Lab administrators can also make advanced configurations to manage the NI ELVIS III devices and satisfy their customized needs.

If you are a lab administrator and a first-time user of the NI ELVIS III, go through the following steps to get started.
  1. Set up the NI ELVIS III devices in the lab.
  2. Set up the host computers in the lab.
  3. Optional: Make advanced configurations to better manage the NI ELVIS III devices in the lab. For example, you can set up a local server to allow for communication between devices and increase Internet security. Use the following table to decide which advanced configurations you want to make:
    What you want to do Where to go
    • Deliver device IDs to the students to allow for remote device connection and gather device information for better management.
    • Better control the usage of lab devices and secure the device connection and lab data.
    Setting up a Custom Signaling Server
    • Change the lease time of a device ID.
    • Customize the signaling server.
    Customizing the connection between the NI ELVIS III and Measurements Live
    Set up your own Session Traversal Utilities for NAT (STUN) server, which has higher Internet security than public STUN servers. Setting up STUN Server

    A device ID is a paring code that builds the connection between the NI ELVIS III device and Measurements Live.

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