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Channels Settings (Data Logger)

Last Modified: November 26, 2019

You can use the channels settings to add, remove, and configure analog input channels for the Data Logger.

Setting Description
Add/Remove Add a channel by selecting the checkbox beside the channel. Remove a channel by clearing the checkbox. Once you add a channel, the Data Logger automatically logs the data to the channel and saves the data to your local computer.
Status Shows/Hides the channel's trace on the graph. The control also decides whether Measurements Live exports the data on this channel when you click the Export Data button on the top right side of Measurements Live.
Range Voltage input range for the channel. Refer to the Gain Selector for more information about input range.
Vertical position Vertical positioning of the waveform on the graph. Use Vertical position to move the waveform up and down the graph. The Data Logger does not apply Vertical position to the input signal and this setting does not affect the logged data. The range of Vertical position is -10 V to 10 V.
Channel name Name of the analog input channel. The channel name in the logged data file matches the name you specify for Channel name.

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