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Compatible Application Boards

Last Modified: May 14, 2018

The NI ELVIS III Prototyping Board can be removed and replaced with a wide variety of NI ELVIS III specific application boards, covering a broad range of teaching topics. A representative set is listed below. For more information on these boards and additional options, go to Engineering Lab Stations.

Table 1. Compatible Application Boards
Application Board Part Number Company
Quanser Controls Board 786516-01 Quanser
Quanser Mechatronic Sensors Board 786517-01 Quanser
Quanser Mechatronic Actuators Board 786519-01 Quanser
Quanser Mechatronic Systems Board 786518-01 Quanser
Quanser Energy Systems Board 786523-01 Quanser
Emona Communications Board 786515-01 Emona
TI Power Electronics Board 786514-01 Texas Instruments

The NI ELVIS III has a high degree of hardware compatibility with application boards designed for NI ELVIS II. However, most NI ELVIS II application boards will require updated software support in order to work with NI ELVIS III. Contact the manufacturer of your existing NI ELVIS II application board for more information on hardware compatibility and if a software update is necessary and available.


Ensure that the application board power button on the workstation is turned off before inserting or removing the prototyping board from the workstation. The integrated LED in the power button should not be lit.

The application board power button enables/disables the fixed user power supply rails and the RIO digital output pull-ups. When disabled, the application board power button prevents the board ID EEPROM from being read. The application board power button is also used to reenable the application board's functions after a multi-supply short circuit condition.

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